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 Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement

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PostSubject: Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement   Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:43 pm

Hi there, my name is Kevin, more commonly known as Tae or Taengoo in game. I'm sure many of you have probably met me in game (or raid call) since I usually walk around pront or hang out in south pront field. I'd like to join your group for pvm activities mainly because I usually find myself sitting in town with nothing to do (soloing gets boring very quick). Also helps to have guild chat with the group :D

I currently woe with a guild when we have proper attendance ( mainly Woe 2)  so I usually won't be doing sunday sieges ( if it is mandatory to siege). I normally play devo paladin for woe since that's what is usually lacking in terms of class composition, but I'd like to try prof or hwiz at some point when I finish gearing them. If I do join for woe 1, I would have to leave early if my other guild wants to do end forts.

I began playing RO around 2003 or 2004ish in pRO chaos a few months before comodo patch was implemented. However, not long after I moved to another country, so my brother and I, had to quit RO for some time. I started playing iRO chaos around 2006 maybe? ( I forgot already I don't have old screenies since I've gone through several PCs) and quit every once in a while due to boredom and such. I don't have a particular guild I played with for awhile back in pre-renewal days since I wasn't too active due to school. some guilds I played with at some point were Eternal Despair, Untouchables, Crimson Twilight, Sasuke-Clan, and Deity.

Age: 20

Timezone: PST (location: somewhere in Southern California)

Music preferences: Kpop (ermegerd GG), alternative rock, rnb, (somewhat depends on the mood)

Activities: RO, chill on vent/RC, watching tv, I have a ps3 but I haven't turned it on for months. I don't really go out much cuz I would probably go broke if I did. I'm usually up for stuff to do if I'

I'm currently a senior undergrad student so at times, trying to manage game time and school is a little difficult.

I also played with some of the people from Vigil, namely Jam, Joe, Ed, Zosa, and maybe tailas too at some point.
I usually hang out and talk to Jam, Lumi, and Joe ( and several others as well).

Current Characters:
Taengoo (hybrid champ)
Aesian. (woe champ)
Taemi   (woe build prof)
Kaivin   ( woe build hwiz ) need to skill reset
Lingua Franca  ( MS I was going to use for DG) job 70 for upgrade weapon
Run Devil Run  ( SD/hybrid sinx)
Beyond Sympathy ( devo paladin)

.Aes (friend's hp I normally use)  names may be switched
Aes. (champ I made for a friend)
Esiro ( minstrel I helped a friend level)

some classes I would like to make/finish in the future ( if I don't get lazy) are
GD paladin, sniper, LK, HP, and maybe another clown, gypsy or whatever. Laziness usually takes over anyways.

My only question really is whether or not woe is mandatory. Also looking for parties in places like bio3, NI3, TT, and what not. or a group for farming an mvp.

if you guys have any further questions, feel free to respond. I'm relatively easy to get a hold of.
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PostSubject: Re: Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:30 am

WoE is not mandatory, but we would love to have you Woe with us every now and again~ The more the merrier! :D

We used to do NI3 all the time, but ever since AL3 spotlight, that's been basically the only place we've partied besides GD.

I'd love to try other places, though! We've done Bio3 a few times and TT once, though we only got to floor 8.
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PostSubject: Re: Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement   Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:16 pm

TT8 is probably the best leveling floor in that dungeon anything about is more for the MVP summon quest. the only other good floor imo is maybe the owl baron floor to farm soft feathers ( as well as supply boxes maybe?)

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PostSubject: Re: Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement   

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Tae plz huehuehue 10 characters topic requirement
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